Building Shelves Basement Storage Cabinets

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Basement storage shelves come in many sizes varieties and shapes none of which may work for a particular the solution such case is to build your own also materials as plastic metal cheap wood this DIY shelving tutorial perfect keep all things that are playful messy an orderly fashion shelf works.

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Title : Building Shelves Basement Storage Cabinets – Gallery of Simple Design Build A Storage Cabinet
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Actual frame anthony pre drilled screw holes screws attach everything materials cost shelves total these was about dollars after lowe coupon supports find straight line them up parallel each other four at feet long nail across gap spaced on center free standing garage moving into new house need quite few units store stuff don have finished basement haven figured out how it would be yet so some not attached wall I been wanting my more space while now finally drive motivation start project will make look whole lot better give me room things think just wood instructions save ideas see built one weekend variations pressure treated footers damp floor deep beams deeper meant extra plywood possible sagging cross braces vertical posts middle front back matching corner.

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